We’re a proper Auckland liquid filling and packing company. Nice to meet you!

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Liquid Lab! Based in Auckland, we’re a product packaging manufacturer specialising in a wide range of solutions for packing liquids.

While Liquid Lab is relatively new to the game, our specialised service has grown out of our experience within the liquid packaging industry. Our team uses their 30+ years of experience to offer a more focused, bespoke contract packaging offering for both small and large companies alike -and everyone in between.

We find that one of the hardest things for manufacturers that are just starting out is finding a liquid packaging supplier able to provide a cost-effective solution for short runs ideal for launching businesses or product lines on a small scale.

That’s where Liquid Lab comes in - because we can handle everything, we’re able to grow with you. There’s no need to find a new supplier if you need to scale up.

End-to-end service

We’re also proud to be able to offer every aspect of the process. We can take care of everything, from packaging, purchasing to filling, packing and labelling your liquids, whether you’re providing boutique handmade care products in delicate bottles, or industrial chemicals by the barrel-load.

But you’re by no means locked into everything - we work with every client closely to work out exactly what you need, and how we can best help you. If you just need us to fill, we will do! But if you’d like some advice from our experienced team, you only need to ask.


Our speciality

We tend to specialise in a few core areas - but that definitely doesn’t mean we’re not up to thinking outside the box. Or should that be outside the bottle?

We’re adaptable and up for a challenge - please just talk to us to discuss your requirements, and we’re sure we’ll be able to help.